Old School Mobile Shop

As you know, I love Trailers, I grew up surrounded by them. We had a 1960′s teal Shasta in our back yard that was used as my clubhouse when friends came over. I also spent my summers in a Airstream like caravan in a beach town on Cape Cod. We still have that camp and it’s one of my favorite places to visit. My obsession for mobile shops definitely stems from my love of trailers. I could spend hours researching both of them online. Some fun old ones I found this week:

Mobile Shop

Chevrolet Mobile Shop, today

1933 Morris Commercial T2 van - mobile shop

Mobile Shop in Bangkok

mobile shop cymmer


Our first Craft Fair went surprising well. I was unsure at first about the Haberdash  fitting in the suburbs. But I was pleasantly surprised with style these ladies had. I even sold some sequined pieces. Everyone at MCC’s Craft Fair was super duper sweet to me. They brought me muffins and hot apple cider and sent all thier friends over to meet me. It was all very cute.

and Penny came too:

Upcoming Event

The Haberdash received a special invitation to vend at this years MCC’s Craft Fair. Which was very sweet gesture. This will be The Haberdash’s last event till spring. But we do have a sweet storage space in the Canal District that will allow us to be open by appointment all winter long. Hope you can make it.

Thank you Boston

This past Sundays Sowa was our busiest event to date. Thank you for stopping by to say hello. It was so nice to meet some more Twitter friends. And to hear people talking about the Haberdash only to turn around and see strangers. It such a surreal feeling. I’m sad the Sowa season is over, but I am also pretty excited for a nice warm space in the Design Hive.

How do you like my max costume? My friend Nicole made it. Life is awesome when you surround your self with talented people.

Online Shop…Coming Soon

If you follow me or the Hab on twitter you might have heard a thing or two about us launching a new website soon. Kyle has been busy building the Haberdash a winter web home ( a fancy pants online shop). So in preparation I asked (bribed by promising him a date with a pretty lady friend) Adam to come and take some photos for the future website. Here are some of my favorites:

You can catch the Haberdash here:

October 25th: SOWA Market in the South End

November 1st: Design Hive Market In Cambridge

November 21: Craft Fair, Bedford, Middlesex Community College campus

December 6th: Design Hive Market In Cambridge

Also…if you have shopped the store and would like give me some feedback, we are on Yelp.


I brought Haberdash to Sowa this weekend, I had been planning to do more dates at Sowa, but whenever they get close I chicken out. I get really nervous sometimes about all the press the store is getting. I’m afraid its going to be a disappointment for people. I’m like a over protective mom that wont let their kid play with the neighbors.

I had such a blast yesterday, I was in the trailer setting up when I heard a familiar voice, my friend Nicolé was setting up next to me. The rest of the day is a blur it went by so fast. My friends stopped by, I played with some cute puppies, sold my three favorite items in my store, cried a little (just kidding Amanda), Then it was time to go home and have homemade apple pie and ice cream with some of my favorite people.

SOWA Sunday

My mobile vintage shop The Haberdash will attending the South End Open Market this Sunday! So for the rest of the week I will be sharing photos of the vintage goodies that will be available in hopes to entice you to come say hello!

Baystate Parent

The Haberdash photo shoot I did with Bay State Parent Magazine is in this months issue. I’m so proud of all the love Haberdash is receiving. We only opened our doors five times and I have been completely overwhelmed by the positive feedback. I am currently working on adding a few more stops for fall and paying the Dive and Dame another visit. As for the winter…The Hab will have a online store at HaberdashVintage.com but also might be able to remain open…but I’ll save all those details for later!

Have a wonderfull weekend!

Tea Party Boston

The Haberdash had a nifty write up on Tea Party Boston this week. I think getting featured online is like getting picked first for the dodge ball team in gym class (not that I know what that feels like). But it sure nice to be the cool kid for once.

Read it here.


Beary Funny

I have been avoiding all adult responsibilities this weekend, and I plan to get away with it!