Killing it in Capes

Quick post about how awesomely dressed my friends are. Lei Ann from Give Me Platforms was inspired by Fashion Week as well and is rocking the cape!  Maybe its time I did some Punky Style cape outfit posts. Also I will be adding more Capes in to the shop tonight! I’ll let Twitter know when they are up!


We will make you famous

Or at least look it!

This is Cassie Knight from My Secret Boston getting interviewed at New York Fashion Week, wearing her Cape from Haberdash Vintage. While the girls walked by whispering ”she must be famous”.

Capes were all over the runway this week in NYC. We will be adding some to the store tonight. Don’t miss them.

Vote for the Hab


The nominations for Worcester Magazine’s Best Of  Worcester are open and we would love to take home the Best New Business award. Haberdash will be one year old this April and I cant think of a better way to celebrate.

Vote Now

Also: Don’t forget about Alexis Grace for Best Consignment!

“Your magazine is out”

I received the best text message last night while I was up north visiting my mom. The message said “your magazine is out”. Mom and I immediately jumped in the car and headed to the bookstore. FYI: Running around a bookstore looking for a magazine  to read about yourself is hugely narcissistic. But having your mom be so proud that she shows everyone in the store makes it OK.

Feature in Boston Magazine

I’m super excited to share these behind the scenes photos from a secret photo shoot I did with Boston Magazine back in December.  It was such a pleasure to work with Eric Kulin and Ennis Styling. It is unbelievable how much work and talent is needed to create that one perfect picture that used in a magazine. I hope you will pick up the February issue and see the full page feature on Haberdash.