The Hab Loves Dame

The South Street Block Party was super good times. Thank You, Dame for inviting The Haberdash out to JP. It was great to meet some of my internet friends in person and catch up with some of my favorite Boston ladies. Such a wonderful day. Thanks everyone.

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Shiny happy people

The Haberdash had another photo shoot yesterday. She likes the attention. This one was for a upcoming spread in Bay State Parent Magazine. I was going to polish her before the shoot, but chickened out and only did the back and side. Polishing aluminum was not very glamorous. I was covered in black spots for two days. But at least she looks pretty.

Tweed River

This past weekend we attended Tweed River Music Fest. It rained for pretty much the entire weekend, So Haberdash didn’t have much time to open. But Bow Thayer and The Cassavettes were well worth sticking around for. I wish I had taken photos of the makeshift shelter we built out of clothing racks. But anyway, here are the few photos we took between the rain drops.