Summer of Sowa

I was reminiscing about my first market I ever did with my vintage collection the other day. It was in Boston at the Sowa Open Market event called Baked Fresh. I was so nervous and I stressed over the event for months. Now we are on our 4th year of selling at Sowa, planning events and vending markets is like walking and talking for me, I don’t even think about it. What a difference four years makes (wink wink).

haberdash vintage

haberdash vintage


Logo Bags

Thanks to my friend Derek over at Fire Bad. On Friday I had the opportunity to silk screen the Haberdash logo on some reusable shopping bags. Ok, I didn’t really do much except drink coffee, giggle with Nicole, take photos and pretend to be quality control, but still. There are only 50 of them and I decided to just give them to friends and family as thank you gifts for listening to me blab about this project for months. But, maybe we will give a few away on Twitter. What do you think, do you love them?

If you are in Massachusetts and need anything silk screened check out The Silk Screen Warehouse on 50 Suffolk St. Worcester.